Tips for taking photos of your classic car


Classic Car Auctions photography guidelines 

When selling your Everyman Classic Car, photos are a key element. With this in mind, we have put together some of our tips to help you take the best shots of your classic.

Most of our customers produce a framed catalogue shot of their car in an appropriate setting, with a background that benefits the car.

Please find below some examples of the ideal minimum number of shots of your car to enable us to do our very best for you on our website. But first follow these two tips:

Ensure the photo is of the car in ‘solus’, ie; with no distracting items in the background, children, dogs, other cars and so on
Ensure that the car is given plenty of space within the frame, so that no part of the image of the car is touching the edge of the photo

This will allow us to crop as necessary in order to maximise the effect of your car on our site. Ideally your first shot would be in the manner below, a front ¾ Angle:

The second and third shots would ideally be from a side angle, showing the entire car from both sides:

Interior shots are always helpful:

An engine bay shot can help to show how well cared for your car is:


Resolution Size and Sharing of Photographs

 Ideally we would like your photos shared to be of approximately 2Mb in size, and the best method by far for sharing these is using 


Many of our clients choose to use lots of additional shots of their cars, and in reality we think the more the merrier.

Even if our website only displays around 12 or 15 shots please be assured that we will keep them on file and share with any potential buyers of your cars if needed.


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